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1 Mile away from Kaiser Permanente in

Vacaville, CA


A residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE) in Vacaville, California. As a RCFE, we will provide 24 hour supervision and much more within a safe and comfortable home environment. At Graceful Living, we will provide each resident a tailored plan of care to support their independence with dignity and respect. At Graceful Living Care Homes, we are committed in providing elder care with grace and compassion within comfort.

Why Us?

Personalized 24/7 Care

At Graceful Living Care Homes, every resident receives tailored support, reflecting their unique needs and stories. Our dedicated staff ensures continuous, individualized care in a secure and caring setting.

Prime Location

Located in scenic Solano County near the bustling Bay Area, our homes offer a serene retreat with the advantage of regional attractions and amenities, connecting residents to the vibrant Bay Area pulse.

Premium Amenities and Activities

Residents relish our comfortable accommodations, fresh gourmet meals, and a wide range of engaging activities. From bingo and gardening to karaoke, we ensure diverse and enriching experiences for every resident.


At Graceful Living Care Homes, we are dedicated to honoring the uniqueness of every resident by providing personalized care in a nurturing environment, seamlessly blending comfort and community within the serene beauty of Solano County, near the heart of the Bay Area.


• 24/7 Comprehensive Care

• Individualized support tailored to residents' unique needs

• High-quality accommodations with full-sized beds

• Gourmet meals prepared from locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients

• Assistance with activities of daily living

• Engaging activities

• Access to trained and compassionate care staff

assisted living care for disabled
Meet Our CEO

Janae Malbrough, BSRT,RRT,RCP

CEO, Graceful Living Care Homes

Janae Malbrough is veteran  healthcare professional with over 15 years in respiratory care, clinical leadership, and education Janae has consistently raised the bar for patient-centered care. Now, as the CEO of Graceful Living Care Homes, she channels her vast experience to pioneer elevated standards in elderly care. With Janae at the helm, residents are not just cared for -they’re celebrated. Welcome to a refined approach to compassionate living

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